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Agile For Reality

Pragmatic Agile Principles For Your Reality

Why Agile For Reality

Focusing on theory without exploring practical applications can often lead to disappointment or disillusionment, because it's not grounded in reality. Without application, people won't see the point of agility and may give up on improving. Agile For Reality provides training, consulting, and coaching that helps organizations see what reality looks like and learn how to work together to solve problems for their own reality. Throughout your engagement with us, whether through a training class or ongoing coaching, participants will be challenged to explore an agile mindset, principles, and practices that are grounded in reality.


Services by Agile For Reality

Making an Impact

Agile For Reality provides training, consulting, and coaching of real-life examples of successful agile organizations. We talk about the principles behind agile, and offers courses to help people and organizations transition to an agile way of working. You want to know more about agility but feel like you're hearing too much theory without any applicability. That's why Agile For Reality offers a variety of resources coaching, training programs for individuals and teams, and custom-developed content for professionals looking for more information on achieving success in their business.

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Licensed Training

Brainstorm to Success

Custom Training


Individual and Team Coaching

Clients of Agile For Reality


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Quotes from our Clients

Chris' PSPO-A class was among the best I have taken. I walked away feeling like I gained knowledge, skills, and tools to do my job better. Absolutely recommended.


Very informative and interactive. Chris provided great opportunities to share and gather ideas, and great thought provoking exercises to help you explore.


Chris has personal experience plus a passion for the content that made his training a worthwhile investment on my agile journey.



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