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Get a dose of reality

People want to overcome the great challenges of life, but often fail to succeed because they are too busy fighting fires and reacting to the situation. Sadly, this is their current reality. They cannot afford to take the time for reflection or strategizing for the future. Without this strength and clarity, we will live in a constant state of dread and anxiety that we seem stuck in and never seems to go away. With Agile For Reality's training programs, you can finally break free from old habits that have led you astray and take control of your thoughts, behaviors, and begin to apply agile ways of working to your reality and create a new reality.


Chris Conlin

Lead Trainer and Coach

For the past decade, Chris has worked with Scrum and Kanban teams in a number of roles, including Scrum Master, Product Owner, and leader. Through his experience with startups and numerous Fortune 500 companies, he came to realize that most organizations don't just need a framework - they need a dose of reality. Through his skills as a trainer and expert facilitator, he helps individuals organizations see where they are at, then use all of the tools available to help get them to where they want to be.